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Sunday, May 4, 2014


In some areas I have noticed that in game reserves and farmers put out salt like for the animals as there is a lack of it and other minerals in the soil. 
This one is in Pilanesberg Game reserve and all kinds of animals and birds come down to enjoy it.
While many take licks, some like the giraffe chew on it and the pieces which break off is what the smaller birds go for.
Sometimes the Wildebeest would lick it for over 10 minutes and although it would make them drool, they did not go down to the watering hole to drink water afterwards as one would think.
For myself I know that if I had to lick on it for so long, my tongue would be raw but it does not seem to bother them.
The Giraffe are so tall that they have to spread their legs wide apart in order for their heads to reach it. They do the same when drinking and have special valves regulating the blood flow so that it does not run into their heads when in this position.
Species would take turn at waiting until another had finished and it was their chance to get at it.
 "Hey guys, it's MY turn"


Rhodesia said...

Interesting post. We always used to have salt licks on the farm but I am sure that the wild animals had as much as the cattle. Keep well Diane

Sorry can't spell!!

Gaelyn said...

There was certainly a lot of lip licking going on here.