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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Odds and ends - 1

Sometimes I go for a walk around the garden and do not find one particular thing of interest, instead my eye is caught by these odd things.

This little beetle thought he was invisible sitting right at the bottom of and Amarilla flower.
Up to now, I had never seen flowers on an air-plant. These are small, each pink stem about 2 inches long.
The birds were having a feast at the feeder.
This poor moth was fluttering around in the swimming pool - yes, you are right, I did rescue him after I took the picture. LOL!!
Some little daisies telling us it is spring.
A cat sitting on the wall wondering what the *&%# I am up to again!! :)
I do not know what this is but maybe someone can tell me.....a small shrub had these hard crystaline growths on the side of the stem. At first I thought it was sap which had crystalized, but on looking properly, it was not. Anyone with ideas as to what it may be?
Some beautiful new leaves shooting out.

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