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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mantis egg case / sac (ootheca)

Congratulations to Craig who is the winner of this round!! (Sorry everyone else, if I dont say this he is going to sulk for a week and you know how awful THAT can be. LOL!!)

Adrian and Doug got it spot on while many others correctly guessed that it was a cocoon of some kind. Well done and thanks for playing everyone.

It is the egg sack (proper name: ootheca) of a mantis. The eggs are layed in a frothy mass that hardens as it dries, and is about 1 inch in length and would contain over a hundred eggs. Mantids hatching from it are about the size of a medium ant for which they are often mistaken. The pictures below is of a mantis which is about to shed its skin, hence the brown color, as they are usually green.

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