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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Odds and Ends - Part 3

Here are 3 new blogs which you might find interesting:

Jose E Hernandez has been to interesting places and has an extremely interesting blog on birds etc.
Adel an Robyn are two South African living in Egypt teaching English.

Mingfei's Easy Paradise, documents a bicycle trip of over 1100 km (600 miles) around China.

I came across this large dead tree growing on the side of a small hill. At one time, the ground came up to the middle of this picture. Now it has all washed away and all that is left are the roots clutching rock which they had brown around.
This spider had made her web in a hole at the bottom of a low wall. It was absolutely packed with dead insects and beetles which she had collected and stored away for her babies to eat when they hatched.
A slow Sunday drive passed the local dam gave me an interesting picture of the boats in the small harbour.
One day when I moved the curtain, this small gecko fell down and got such a fright, it shed its tail.
No sooner did this happen than the ants came around for a easy meal.
Two tiny little spiders came calling in the middle of the night.
This one had lost some of its limbs which do grow back.

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