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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Special days

There are some days and events which take place in our lives which are very special and we hold close to our hearts. For me, one of these days was 28th December 2009. (227)
Somehow, no matter how long afterwards, the events stay bold, clear and vivid. They can be replayed in our minds forever.
It may be a special flower, picking up a stone, meeting someone or a day at the beach but whatever it is, thoughts and even smells are recalled and will never be forgotten.
Sometimes they days bring back joy and a reason to celebrate and at othertimes, they are recalled with sadness and a wish to go back to then.
They say things happen for the best but I guess it depends on the event. Sometimes hind-sight makes us see the event differently. Whatever these special days are, we can only move on from them one day at a time. Hopefully these days are ones which bring joy to us and not sorrow. We have enough to deal with in our daily lives without added burdens.

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