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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Groenkloof NR - Part 1

The Kei-apple (Dovyalis caffra) is a small shrub/tree, 15-18 feet (3-5m) in height and have some evil looking thorns on them.
The flowers are creamy-green and give way to delicious fruit in summer. When mature they are apricot-colored.
These trees are widely cultivated for gardens even as far as Australia and California but do not like areas where there is frost.
The fruits, harvested from November to January are made into an excellent jam/jelly.
An unknown but pretty caterpillar.
Have you ever seen a black ladybird/bug? I am afraid it is not a very good picture, but the only one I managed to get for some strange reason. It is called a Black Mealy (Maize) Bug Predator and preys on Maize bugs, aphids and cochineal insects. They are very small, about 4mm at max.
Spotted Sugar Ants are large. They nest in small colonies under stones and spray attackers with formic acid.

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