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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vacation Time - Day 10 Part 2

Why does it seem that some people live by “Rules are made to be broken?” during my second week, I decided that another day in Kruger would be nice and left early morning to get there when the gates opened. On the way into camp, this elephant was holding up the traffic as he had decided that the bush closest to the road was going to be his breakfast.
Some bright spark decided that it was okay to disturb him and drove past then, to make matters worse, someone in the bright sparks car decided to climb out of the sunroof to take pictures. There are very strict rules against things like this in the park. The animals are there for the enjoyment of everyone and although they are used to the outline of cars, climbing out scares them of and then the other people who wanted to see the animal, does not get a chance because it is gone. Besides the fact that these idiots tend to forget that these are WILD animals and not tame pets and when an animal gets a fright, it can lead to them charging and someone getting hurt or killed!! Even worse than THAT, if an animal injures someone, they SHOOT it!! Now was it the animals fault that some darn fool broke the rules in the first place?? I will never understand people and is one of the reasons I live like a recluse with almost no contact with them!!
My first find of the day was this Tussock Moth caterpillar cling to a wall and searching out the first rays of sunshine.
This beetle was very tiny and I am not sure what it is. It could be a young Ten-spotted Leaf Beetle.
An unknown but pretty moth....
This rock seemed to be the favorite hang-out for lizards to play and enjoy the sunshine. He smaller ones are Eastern Striped Skinks and the larger, an Agama Lizard.
The Agama’s are fairly large, this one being about 12 inches in length.
I was wondering if I grew my nails if it would allow me to climb and cling to rocks too? LOL!!
An unknown nymph of a Twig Wilter. You can see its wings just starting to develop. These bugs are closely associated with stinkbugs and assassin bugs.

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