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Monday, December 20, 2010

Vacation time - Day 11

As the days have progressed during my stay here, so has the sun come up more to the south every morning.
This cute little frog would come into the house every night and sit in the dog’s water bowl. I guess if water is scarce, anything will do. LOL!!
There is not much I can tell you about it as I do not know frogs at all except that this is a Tree Frog of some kind. How do I know that? Why by it having long toes which he uses to climb instead of webbed feet. :)
This butterfly belongs to the family Pieridae but does not appear in my books so I am afraid I cannot give you more info on it.
They are all named “? Orange-tips”
Stumped again! In many ways this looks to be a butterfly of the Nymphalidae (genus Neptis) species but they all have white stripes at the bottom of the wing. Oh what I wouldn’t give for some kind soul to help me with these identifications!!
A cute, but very tiny grasshopper giving me the eye.
A spider-hunting wasp of the Pompilidae family – Batozonellus fuliginosus. They provision their nests with one paralyzed spider per cell.
If you see the spurs on their legs, you can imagine that they have no difficulty in catching prey.
This cute little Vervet monkey would come and sit in the tree above were I was sitting on the porch and peer at me through the leaves. :)

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