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Friday, December 24, 2010

Vacation time - Day 12 Final

My final day here before setting off back home tomorrow. I had been thinking all along that because of the extreme dry conditions I had not found much but after putting this series together, I realize that I did find a huge variety of wonderful insects but no doubt, if we had any rain, I would have found hundreds more and this vacation series would have run on forever. I definitely do need to go back there in full summer and see what more I can find.
The owners of the place where I was staying had fund and mounted this beautiful hawk moth with its eggs.
Every night dozens of insects would fly into my room and buzz around the light, one of them this Spoon-wing Lacewing.
Once again it goes to show how inaccurate and useless distribution maps are as it is not supposed to be found in the area where I was on vacation.
In the creation of my website, many people told me I should add these maps to it but over the years, with transportation being as easy as it is, there are so many ways for critters to be found out of their normal regions.
Bark Antlions are all very similar in coloration and are found throughout South Africa.
They are attracted to lights at night and will land anywhere, even on my finger. :)
Some species have short, powerful jaws and even a few internal teeth.
A species of Longhorn Beetle, family Cerambycidae. It is rather large, about 1 ½ inches in body length.
All in all, with the many unusual species I found, this was a good and exciting trip for me. I definitely need more vacations like this. Thanks for joining me on my journey.

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