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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Autumn Walk - Part 1

It is that time of year when everything slows down and turns dull brown colors. The days are warm but the nights get really chilly especially out in the bush where I am staying now.

No more early morning walks for me as the dew on the grass at night makes it damp and unpleasant to walk through. My walk today took me down the path leading to a small stream and along the fence.

With no more rain this passed week, the stream does not have much water in it but the foliage around it is still fairly green. With the warmer days, there are still some bugs and butterflies around.

And what is this I see?? Can you see it too?

A very small Crab Spider still to cold to move out of its resting place where he spent the night.

Getting closer to him, he crawled up onto the flower. The flow itself is about 1 inch in diameter so it shows how small the spider is.

He is so well camouflaged on this yellow background. If he never moved, he would be difficult to spot.

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