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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Autumn Walk - Part 2

Coming out of my driveway, the giraffe looks to see if I am a threat or not and will allow me to get just a certain distance to him before he takes off.

The zebra does the same but this one stays a bit longer than his mates. I wonder if he was trying to impress the ladies by how brave he is? Do animals do the same silly things humans do? J

Now we have all heard the expression of “putting your head in the sand like an ostrich” but to be honest, I have never seen one do it so I wonder where the expression came from. Anyone know the answer?

As much as I hate the thought of winter coming in and all the plants dying off, the dried ones sometimes make a very pretty picture.

Ticks!! The bane of my life!! What dreadful little things these are. I read an interesting article which said that primates do not get fleas only ticks whereas things like dogs and cats get fleas and not ticks. The reason for this is fleas need a breeding ground in the regular place dogs and cats sleep and primates sleep in different places every night so fleas don’t breed there.

This tree was interesting. In places the outer bark has come off leaving just the smooth, lighter color bark.

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