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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beetle identification

Some of these can be very confusing at times and if I am not careful, it would be very easy to give a mistaken identity to some critters.
If you look at the beetle above and below this, you can see how similar the markings are and yet they are two different beetles.

The third one below also has an almost identicle patterns but at least the rest if him is lighter in color and is easier to tell apart.

The next two can be quite similar to the untrained eye......

yet once again, they are two totally different beetles.


picadily13 said...


I'm trying to figure out what that third beetle is called and what it scientific name is, besides Christmas beetle, of course. That's what everyone in SA calls them, but it definitely can't be their real name.

Please let me know :)

Helmien Barkhuizen said...

Hi Im looking for the name of a black beetle with round white spots. I found several in my vegetable garden and I would like to know if it is damaging my plants?

charlize matthee said...

Hi there. I was wonderig if you could helpme identify a very small beetle. It is about 4mm in length. I have a picture if I can send it to you. There are literally 1000s on my friend's property and really feeling like a pest.