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Sunday, May 29, 2011

It doesn't matter

How often do we say “It doesn’t matter” to things which really DO matter but we are too afraid to speak about or mention. For example, if someone says something which hurts you and you become quiet and they eventually ask “What’s the matter” We answer with “Nothing” or “It doesn’t matter”.

Are we so afraid to speak of what is on our minds or is it just that we want to keep the peace? What if the hurtful words were not meant to be hurtful at all but maybe just a sentence said in a way we interpreted incorrectly? Isn’t it better to mention how we feel? Instead we say “It doesn’t matter” and allow it to build up inside us and the other person does not have a single clue what he/she said or did wrong.

We humans are the strangest animals of all. Maybe words should never have been invented as they can be interpreted in so many ways and not always correctly. So you put on your pretties dress and your partner walks in and says “Is that what you are wearing to go out to dinner?” Maybe in our minds we are uncertain about if the dress is the right one for the occasion or not so we interpret his words to mean that the dress is not suitable. In the meantime he is thinking as it says it “That’s a pretty dress”. How words can confuse the issue!!

On the other hand if he does not comment on the dress, we assume that he did not comment on it because he did not like it. See what I mean? By saying something or nothing, it can still be wrong. There is just no winning sometimes.

Someone recently said to me “So you don’t write.” Now how do I interpret that? Does this person mean I use words incorrectly? Does it mean I do not write e-mails and letter? Does it mean “why aren’t you writing to me.” After all, I write business letters and e-mails every day and for my blog too. I am left to come to my own conclusions and maybe they are the wrong ones!!

So what is the point I am trying to make here? Maybe it is that we should never jump to conclusions. Maybe we should never put other meanings to words but accept them exactly as they are said. Maybe the whole problem with us is that we learnt to use our brains and think, so maybe we should not think and then where would we be? Well, whether we use our grey cells or use words, we would still be the most complicated creatures on earth? Animals use their instincts, shouldn’t we?  


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