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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Farm - Part 5

During the summer the flowers seem to be crowded with insects and yet most of them live peacefully together. It is just when there are Crab Spiders around that some visitors disappear and become lunch.
 Here a Paper Wasp and an Assassin Bug both crawl around the wild plant and stay out of each others way. In fact, each one has the capabilities of killing the other but not today.
 The Cotton Stainer and the Ant co-exsist too. (Sorry this picture below is on its side but Blogger is really messed up isn't it?????)
 An Ant and a Small Dotted Chafer. There does not seem to be much food on these plants which to me seem very paperish and yet they must get something out of it else they would not be on it. Maybe it is sweet??
 Wild flowers come in such pretty shapes and the lovelist colors. The whole head of the orange one is maybe 1 inch in diameter.
 This one is very unusual and also very small. The smallness makes me wonder as there are not many large wild flowers. Is there a reason they are mostly tiny??

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