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Friday, September 9, 2011

Air show - Part 6 - Gorilla steals plane!!

Oh what drama!! The likes of which I have never seen before!! This Harvard was parked on the side of the runway and the next thing we knew, a GORILLA had stolen it and was cruising past. He had the cheek to WAVE as he went past!!
 The next thing we knew he was up in the air doing acrobatics and having a ball of a time!!
 But all good things must come to an end and his stolen plane developed engine trouble and smoke came pouring out so he had to land again.
 No sooner had it came to a stop when the police rolled up and ran over to arrest him. The poor gorilla got such a fright that he threw his hands into the air in submission.
 He was a sly one though and as soon as they allowed him to get out of the plane, he picked up one of the policemen, slung him over his shoulder as a hostage and tried to get away!! Oh my!! By now my heart was in my boots!!
 The second policeman gave chase........
 and soon tackled him and brought him to the ground with reinforcements arriving, guns in the air!! Phew!! I wonder if the gorilla thought he would get away with it? Not with out good ladies and gents in blue he wouldn't!!
 The finally managed to get the handcuffs on him and marched him over to their vehicle, the cheeky bugger lifting his arm in victory!! Grrr!!
 He was loaded in and off he went to jail!! That'll teach him and all the other gorilla would be plane stealers out there!!
LOL!! Of course all this was just a show put on for our entertainment and I am sure the guy in the gorilla suite love his part he played as much as we (especially the children) did. Whats the bet that this car made off to the nearest beer tent to celebrate and enactment well played!! LOL!!

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