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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Walk 7/31 - Part 4

The Brown Heart Beetle (Family Scarabaeidae - Subfamily Cetoniinae - Plaisir)
To date, I have only seen these brown ones but found some which are black too. I cannot find out if the difference in coloration is due to the age of the beetle or maybe a difference beween male and female.
 Caterpillars and more caterpillars. Even in winter there are some to be found but once again, no identification.
 Flowers are always a welcome find and make a nice find during the winter.
 We do have many different kinds which bloom the whole year round.
 I am keeping my eye on this egg sack but I know what is going to happen, it will wait for me to go past (or the day I don't check it) and then some lovely critter will pop out and guess what, I will have missed it again. :)
 There is a large tub of water where the animals come down to drink and I always stop by to see what is breeding in it. Needless to say, many insects drown in it too like this fly.  Now I know flies are not supposed to be pretty but you must admit it has a lovely pattern on it?

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