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Friday, April 25, 2014

Scorpion (Opistacanthus asper)

Family Ischnuridae

Although they can sting they are not poisonous and is no more painful than a bee sting. As a general rule, if they have thick pincers and thin tails, they are considered harmless.

Up to 10cm in length.
Forages for food on trees and bushes at night.


Rhodesia said...

Harmless maybe but I prefer not to try and find out how painful a nip might be LOL. Keep well Diane

Jonker Fourie said...

I always remember think pinchers not poisonous, thin ones mean poison. Still stay away from them all though

Gaelyn said...

Bite or sting, they are still not my favorite creature. Is this the one we saw in Kruger?