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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An old Airforce Museum

I took these at the airforce museum...nothing like being versitile in your choice of subjects to photograph LOL!!
1. A Cheetah
2. A Patterson bi-plane built 1911 two seater - wingspan 9.7m (27ft); Weight 340kg (740lbs); speed 80kmph (50mph); Power 50hp
3. A selection of Mirages
4. Lockheed Lodestar
5. Puma helicopter
While I was there, these were coming and going on the runway....I took them at a faster shutter speed and so was able to make the propellers look still and not have movement on them.... 6.Harvard (not too brilliant a shot - in hindsight, I should have used the multiple image function then I would have had four images to choose from and not one LOL!!)

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