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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A visit to the zoo - Part 8 Final

Leopard have very long hairs over their eyebrows and long whiskers sticking out at the side of their faces. As they are nocturnal, these enable them to walk through the bush at night and warn them if there is an obstacle in their path.

This one was have a lazy Sunday afternoon snooze. :)

The garden of the zoo are very nice and all over the show little waterfalls like this can be seen.

Along the banks of the small stream which runs through it there are picnic tables and chair set up for people to use. It is far nicer to put a blanket on the grass and enjoy your meal there.

During the last century, the Black Rhino has suffered the most drastic decline in total numbers of all the rhino species. In 1970, there were about 65,000 Black Rhino in Africa. In 1993, only 2,300 survived. Since then their numbers have been increasing slowly due to intensive anti-poaching and other conservation measures.

This old fellow has been at the zoo for many years. He has a partner and together they have provided the park with many off-spring.

What is better to do on a day like this than to spend ithaving a mud bath? Excellent for the complexion and takes all the wrinkles out. :)

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