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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marbled Electric Ray (Torpedo sinuspersici)

Family Torpedinidae
What luck! Taking a walk on the beach and looking into the rock pools, I found this Marbled Electric Ray (Torpedo sinuspersici) swimming in it. It is about 30cm in length from nose to tail tip. As it kept on burying itself in the sand it was difficult to take a picture of so I caught it in a bucket, took the pics, then let it go again.

An extract from Wikipedia:

“Little is known about them. It is a sluggish predator of bony fishes. At night it actively hunts for food, sculling slowly through the water about a meter above the bottom; during the day it usually rests on the bottom and opportunistically ambushes unwary prey. It uses its broad pectoral fins to envelop the target fish before delivering an electric shock to stun it. Usually solitary, they may form groups during the mating season. It measures up to 130 cm long, although most are less than 100 cm. The angling record from South Africa is 13 kg.
 Reproduction is aplacental viviparous, with the developing embryos initially surviving on their yolk sacs, and then on enriched uterine fluid produced by the mother. Litters of 9-22 young are birthed in the summer. Newborns measure about 10 cm wide; males mature at a disc width of 39 cm and females at 45 cm.”

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Gaelyn said...

Of course you'd have a bucket at the beach. Great pattern and I'll be makes a perfect camouflage.