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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Bush - Part 12

My walk took me into the more civilized world of the garden and this tiny crab spider caught my eye.
It was right in the centre of the pink rose but its colors and size made it very difficult to spot as he blended in so well.
I liked the color of this rose.....
But my most unusual find of the day was this....... It was extremely small, maybe about 4mm in length and because of the most unusual large, stiped eyes and mouth parts and waht looked at first to me like two upper bodies, I could not identify it at all so I sent it away to someone who could help me with it.
It turns out that this is a species of Blowfly belonging to the Calliphoridae family. Females are attracted to decaying flesh but the males are mostly found on flowers. Its maggot-like larvae developes in carrion and faeces.
How pretty the Day Lilies looked. They do come in such nice colors nowdays.
And lastly, this stunning rose which smells as good as it looks. You all know by now my love for these beautiful flowers which have a special place in my heart.......

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