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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grass Yellow Butterfly - Eurema brigitta

If there is anything in the animal/insect world which I find it is butterflies.
 Not only is there a difference in males and female of the species, in many case there is a difference in the wet and dry seasons too!! Now I have to look at and find for different ones in order to make a positive identification.
 This is a Broad-bordered Grassy Yellow butterfly belonging to the Pieridae/coliadinae family and looks very similar to Eurema zoe.
 However that species has brown instead of black markings around the edges of the wings and make it another species Eurema zoe.
 What utter confusion!! Enough to drive one to insanity don't you think? Especialy when the old grey cells dont work too well anymore. LOL!! (or do they?) :) I guess that is the challenge in learning something new.

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