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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roodeplaat Dam - Part 6 Final

This dam is very popular for kayaking and there are always people practicing.

 Every year they have a big competition there. As mentioned in a previous post, the dam has been divided so that no boats with engins come this side.
 In some places the dam is fairly narrow and on both sides of it, people can be seen having a BBQ or picnic and enjoying the sunshine.
 Roodeplaat lays just on the outshirts of town and dwindles down to a fairy small stream.
 No matter how cold the weather, fisherman find this a wonderful spot. I dont know what kind of fish are to be found there as I have never fished there myself.
 The banks have these small shelters all the way as close to the water, there are not many trees and it is darn hot there in summer. If you arrive there early, you will be lucky to get one to use for the day.
 The animals are starting to feel the lack of nice green grass but many of the trees still have their leaves too so there is no shortage of food for them,
 At the beging and end of summer (just before the rains) controlled fires are set to burn off the old grass.
 A pretty flower only a few inches in height.
 As I was leaving I had to cross over a small stream and this crab was sitting on the road enjoying the heat from the tarmac.

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