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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Whiteheaded Vulture and a Yellowbilled Kite feeding off a Leopard Tortoise

A truck had probably ridden over a medium size tortoise and broken the shell, without which, the birds would not be able to open it. Unfortunately, there are some people who never look at what is on the road!!
When I came across them, the vulture was having a feast and had already eaten most of the inside. Some of the intestines had fallen out and the Kite joined him for a meal.
The vulture kept on dragging the tortoise across the road for some reason. The tortoise shell alone must weigh about 2kg but the vulture picks it up without effort.


Gaelyn said...

That was an interesting sighting even if some idiot did run over the tortoise.

Firefly said...

I wish drivers would pay more attention, specially in parks.