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Friday, July 15, 2011

Air Show - Part 2B - Harvard (continued)

In 1940, the USAAF changed the designation to AT or advanced trainer, so the American machine became the AT-6. The U.S. Navy version was called the SNJ.
 Even with their huge new 2,000,000 square foot plant, North American couldn't keep up with the wartime demand  so a new factory was built in Dallas, leading, after 1942 to the AT-6 being called the "TEXAN".

Beginning in January, 1940 The HARVARD MkIIB version was built under license by NOORDYN of Montreal, Canada for the Royal Canadian Air Force, the RAF and the USAAF. Ultimately 2,557 Harvards were built here.

After the war the MK IV version was built by CANADIAN CAR AND FOUNDRY.

All in all, some 21,342 aircraft of the NA-16 series were built.

POWERPLANT: Supercharged PRATT & WHITNEY R-1340-S3H1 radial piston engine, developing 600 hp @ 2250 rpm.

PERFORMANCE: MAXIMUM SPEED: 156 knots; INITIAL CLIMB RATE: 1,359 ft/minute; RANGE: 740 miles; ENDURANCE: 8 hours; SERVICE CEILING: 22,000 ft.

FUEL CONSUMPTION: 30 gallons/ hr @ 10,000 ft.

WEIGHT: 3,995 lbs empty, maximum take-off: 5,750 lbs.

LENGTH: 28' 11"  SPAN: 42'  HEIGHT:9' 9"

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