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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Bush - Part 14

I would have thought by now that I have run out of new bugs/beetles to find but there are still thousands of them waiting to be discovered. This looks like a Tobacco Slug (Family Chrysomelidae) but all that I am sure of is the family it belongs too. 
This is also a new one for me, very tiny and was hiding away in some grass. By the under development of its wings, I would say it is also a baby but once again, I would not hazzard a guess as to what it is.
Ah!! At least something I know... A Rhus flea beetle. I have never seen these on there own, there are always two found together.
I think this is a White Parasol (Macrolepiola zeyberi) and then would be edible. But I do not know enough about mushrooms to say this for certain so please do not try to eat one like this if you find it.
Late in the season for caterpillars, but thre are still some around.
It is icy, freezing cold and yet, some butterflies and moths are still seen, especially if one is willing to climb a bit higher to where it is warmer.

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