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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birds of Pilansberg - Part 4

The colors of the early morning light are beautiful........
and coming around a corner, I startled this tiny little Steenbok who promptly jumped up and ran away as I was too close for comfort.
A young Crested Francolin was marching down the road scratching in the sand for a early morning feast.
The following three species of Hornbill are the most common in the park and are found all over. They loose their fear of humans very fast and love to be food at the picnic sites. The Grey Hornbill below was fast asleep on a branch.......
while the Red Hornbill look to see if I had brought something tasty along.
All of these are mainly insect eaters and will eat anything which crawls or flies. The Yellow Hornbill decided he was not going to be like the others and go begging for a morsel. Too much below his dignity.
Do you think this one was trying to tell me something? LOL!!
At one of the pools this Hadeda Ibis came in to land much to the disgust of the Egyptian Geese.

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