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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kruger National Park - The other side - Part 5

By now I know you are impatiently asking yourself "When is this darn woman going to post some pictures of lions?" Well here they are at last. LOL!!

One morning there seemed to be lions everywhere I looked. During the night I had heard a lion roaring just outside the camp gate for what seemed like hours. I made sure I was first in line to get into the park and found him not 10 yeards away but at 4:30am, with heavy clouds around it was still to dark to take pictures so I sat and watched him in the cars lights.

About 5 miles down the road, I found the next lot. I have left these as originals instead of making them lighter to give you the feel of how I actually saw them. I like the first 2 images as they have an unearthly, ghostly feel about them.

Please click on the images to see a bigger photograph.
I sat there for a long time watching them and the sky began to lighten. There was a male, female and young (about 2 1/2 years old) male. As you can see, he is just starting to get his mane.
The sleepy male kept on yawning and they call him "king" of the jungle?? :)
At times I felt like they were sizing me up for dinner.
By now it is much lighter and you can see them properly.
On the other side of the road, this one looked at me with a most quizzical expression. LOL!! I think it was an older, full grown cub of this pair above.
Later on, I met up with this lioness who was heavily pregnant. I left the window frame in so you can see how close she was.
Females leave the pride to give birth and I think she was heading for a small mountain which you can see in the background, looking for a safe place to have them.

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