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Friday, August 1, 2008

Sunday morning birdpark visit

From the North west side of town I suddenly had a longing for a piece of chocolate cake. There is only one place I buy it from and it is on the south east side of town. OUR TOWN IS LARGE! it took me a while to get across there. Near to it, I remembered the bird park was nearby so I decided to stop there.
These were sitting on the wall watching the action on the other side of the dam.
There were some Egyptian Geese there and I thought that they have lovely colors on their backs.
These are Wattled Crane, Sacred Ibis and White-faced ducks.
It was preening time and most were found in pairs doing just that.
This Ibis posed nicely for me in order to get its reflection as well.
There was plenty of action with some coming and going all the time, but I had only taken my 55mm lens with me so could not get any close-up of it.
There were Mallards, Egyptian Geese, White-faced duck, Yellow-billed Teal and Knobbed Koot.
Then I went to the cake shop only to discover that they had closed down. NOW where am I going to get my twice yearly chocolate cake fix??

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