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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birds of Pilansberg - Part 5

Dotted all about the park are these small hilly outcrops which are the perfect places to look for Hyrax.
In the early morning light, these weeds made a pretty picture.
The Rock Pigeon is one of the biggest of out doves/pigeons. They sometimes are found in flocks of hundreds of birds together in city parks and was intoduced to SA from the Netherlands.
In flight the red can clearly be seen in Redwinged Starlings. A very vocal birds, larger than the Glossy Starling. Included in their diet are fruit, insects millipedes and lizards.
Gloosy Starlings are found all over SA and come very easily to feeders. They usually sit in the higest branch of a tree and sings it little heart out. Their eggs are light greenish blue speckled with rusty red.
Crimsonbreasted Shriks are common only in certain areas of SA and has a very distinctive call. They only eat insects and will also search the bark of trees for them.
The tiny Dabckick babies are so small they could almost fit into your pocket and can be found in any pool of permanent water. Mostly they are seen as a family group and when startled, flap their wings and seem to run on water.

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