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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The park - Part 1

As winter started to turn to summer, my friend Eleanor told me about a little park not far from where she stays and I went to check it out. These small Namaqualand daisies were almost all turning to seed as they are winter flowering. They seed themselves and come up naturally again each year. They make such a pretty show of color and are at their best when planted in large areas.
Entering the gardens, I was impressed with the neatness and the variety of plants there.
The beautiful yellow-barked Fever trees are bare and are waiting for summer to arrive again. They only grow where there is underground water. Check out the link to see how they got their name.
This is a Candelabra Aloe also winter flowering and species of them are found all over South Africa. Some of them are short shrubs while other grow to be 10-12 feet tall like this one. I wonder what made the hole in the bark and would be nesting there this summer. I have to go back and see.
Mostly the flowers are in all shades of orange and red and make a very attractive diplay in winter when all is a dull brown color around them.
There are several beautiful ponds in the park and some of the reflections were so pretty.
As you can see, even in the winter Pretoria is never without some kind of green trees and shrubs. We do have idea weather here.
When seeing these reflections, you often wonder which is the right side up of a photograph.
This particular pond had a lot of Koi in them and they easily came to the surface to see if I had food for them. Some of these were really large.

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