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Friday, June 12, 2009

Question time

An update on the people interested in the owls: I am happy to say they are ready to be released and I will do so tonight. It has been a wonderful experience working with them and getting them back to this point. I have considered keeping them still a while but it would be for purely selfish reasons as I like watching them and being able to stroke them. They need to be free!! Thanks for the interest and kind words.

As you know by now, I like to throw a spanner in the works occasionally. I come across situations which puzzle me so today my question is:

Why are there people who are so afraid of living?

Maybe it is just that I have always gone out and made the most of my life that I do not understand people who are willing to sit at home and let the world pass them by. What are they afraid of? Why will they not allow themselves to be social, to see what is out there in the world. They will not allow themselves to get close to someone in case they get hurt. They will not travel or make anything of themselves. They come up with all kinds of excuses like “I like sleeping in my own bed” “I was hurt before” “I am studying” “I don’t e-mail because I have nothing to say” “I do not blog because everyone’s comments are mundane” “I do not comment because the subjects are boring” “I have nothing in common with other people” on and on and on. Surely there is more to life than sitting at home and growing old?
Isn’t it the greatest feeling in the world to find that someone cares for you, accepts you for who and what you are, wants to share things with you, has more in common with you than what you care to notice, that wants to be with you through thick and thin, plus life’s ups and downs.

Are they too afraid to take a chance in life? Are they too afraid to give themselves or part of themselves, to someone? Is that not what life is all about?

So take a chance. You might find a whole new world and a joy in life which you have never experienced before. Isn’t it worth a little something to find out and see what could lay ahead for you?

It seems that for these people the words of the Bette Midler song in the right hand column are very true.

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